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Comfortable Care
For Your Entire Family!

Visit the dental office of Dr. Terry Ciomyk, Dr. David McDowell and Dr. Susie Ang and discover a warm and caring team of professionals that makes you and your family feel instantly welcome and comfortable.

Our new state-of-the-art dental health centre facilitates the delivery of efficient, personalized care for children, teens and adults. Drs. Ciomyk, McDowell and Ang take the time to understand your values and goals for lifetime dental health and customize your care focused on beautiful dental aesthetics and effective dental function. Their patient, preventive approach with children and motivational style with teens supports parents' wishes for the development of natural, attractive smiles and facial profiles.

At Thornhill Family Dentistry, we are honoured to serve the families of our community. We invite you to call us at 905-731-8220 so that we may welcome you to our practice.